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Where is the operation?

Travel from Bunbury to Bridgetown and pass through Bridgetown and cross the bridge over the river. Turn right and travel along the Brockman Highway for approximately 6 kilometres and the road on the left will lead you up the hill to the operation.   


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Joystone was established in 2009 as a small scale quarrying operation for production of dimension stone blocks. Over time the operation was expanded to include a stationary wire saw, an exfoliating machine, and a slabbing saw.


The quarry utilises a wire saw to produce saw cut blocks of black granite of size specified by the client.

The quarry produces wire sawn blocks of black granite, up to 22 tonnes in weight; suitable for processing onsite, or export.


The factory now produces the following products :


                Kerbs for the City of Perth

                Granite pavers up to 800mm x 400mm

                Sawn slabs for direct sale

Exfoliated pavers and slabs